Celebrate Kwanzaa with us!

Q Talent hits the Yellow Brick Road!

This lively mash-up of The Wiz and The Wizard of Oz uses various dance styles, drama and familiar tunes for the whole family to share a positive message: You already have the tools you need to succeed... as long as you put in the work and believe in yourself.

Clap Your Hands: We're Smart!

Congratulations to our VPK Class of 2014!

When students started the VPK program in the fall, 36% performed at a "meeting or exceeding expectations" level on testing that measured print knowledge, phonological awareness, oral language and mathematics.  In final testing this month, 100% of students were meeting or exceeding expectations.

We are so proud of these now Kindergarteners!

Magic Johnson Contributes $100,000.00 to The Q!

After a warm welcome from the Q Family, Magic Johnson spoke at a press conference held at Quality Life Center where he pledged to invest $100,000.
With his contribution...came a challenge: Magic charged others to invest in the lives of Dunbar children. Crediting a center similar to The Q, he spoke about the significance it played in his self-development. The NBA Legend said that The Q cannot close its doors and it must receive the help it needs to sustain.