"Stand With the Q" Movement

What is the "SWTQM"? It's a call for action. With our building facing a pending closure, we accept that it is our responsibility to do our part to raise funds towards its sustainability. Further, the movement calls the community to partake in generating funds and awareness of the importance of organizations like The Q in the community. If you value The Q, you, too, can stand with the Q and show your support.

There are many ways to join the movement.
1. Stand with us. We'll be outside of our building Monday - Friday at 5:30 p.m.
2. Share with us. Use social media and tell us why you support The Q by using this hashtag: #StandwiththeQ. Tag your friends and share!
3. Donate!
4. Sign up to volunteer/mentor a child.

Magic Johnson Contributes $100,000.00 to The Q!

After a warm welcome from the Q Family, Magic Johnson spoke at a press conference held at Quality Life Center where he pledged to invest $100,000.
With his contribution...came a challenge: Magic charged others to invest in the lives of Dunbar children. Crediting a center similar to The Q, he spoke about the significance it played in his self-development. The NBA Legend said that The Q cannot close its doors and it must receive the help it needs to sustain.