Don't miss out on this showcase of Q Talent!

This lively mash-up of The Wiz and The Wizard of Oz uses various dance styles, drama and familiar tunes for the whole family to share a positive message: You already have the tools you need to succeed... as long as you put in the work and believe in yourself.

Become a Summer Camp Champ!

Help our children avoid the "summer slide".

Much of the "Achievement Gap" between higher and lower income students can be traced to unequal summer camp opportunities. Many children in our community lose academic skills over the summer.

But not at "The Q"!

We're doing it again this summer! Can you help us? Consider helping an at-risk child stay safe this summer, while they make new discoveries of the world around them. Through art and academic enrichment, we are determined to help our children avoid the summer slide.

$120 = Provides a week of Summer Camp

$1080 = Provides 9 weeks of Summer Camp

You can give through our website, a mailed check or by phone at (239) 334-2797. Thank you!

Clap Your Hands: We're Smart!

Congratulations to our VPK Class of 2014!

When students started the VPK program in the fall, 36% performed at a "meeting or exceeding expectations" level on testing that measured print knowledge, phonological awareness, oral language and mathematics.  In final testing this month, 100% of students were meeting or exceeding expectations.

We are so proud of these now Kindergarteners!

Magic Johnson Contributes $100,000.00 to The Q!

After a warm welcome from the Q Family, Magic Johnson spoke at a press conference held at Quality Life Center where he pledged to invest $100,000.
With his contribution...came a challenge: Magic charged others to invest in the lives of Dunbar children. Crediting a center similar to The Q, he spoke about the significance it played in his self-development. The NBA Legend said that The Q cannot close its doors and it must receive the help it needs to sustain.